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The Marble Stone Baluster & Railing series is plastic and exquisite, with no lack of elegance and elegance. The strength and hardness of Granite Baluster & Railing are also rare. Its luster and color are always revealing its luxury and natural stone carving. Baluster Railing, temples, villas, rivers, courtyard fences, hotel clubs, decorative railings, price concessions.

Stone Railing:
Stone guardrails are also known as stone railings or stone fences and stone guardrails. The guardrails are also called "dry" and "hook" in ancient China. They are the main representatives in the building and are used for separation and security protection. The guardrail was designed for wood in the early days. Considering the use of the guardrail, the stone was gradually replaced by stone, which was well used in construction. So what are the requirements for the style and sculpture construction of classical stone guardrails? How to engrave and build fine stone guardrail works?
1:The Form of the Stone Guardrail
Stone guardrails are widely used in Chinese architecture. Early design is relatively simple. With the increase of application, there are also various styles in design, which are related to the construction needs of regional buildings. From the main form of the current stone guardrail, there are two major categories of hollowing out and physical. In simple terms, the stone guardrail in the form of hollow is only the pole and the handrail, while the solid stone guardrail is composed of the stone fence and the handrail. The way of decoration is hollowed out. In addition, considering the construction needs of special areas, many stone guardrail designs will also be integrated into the bench or back, which is convenient for people to rest and increase the practicality of the stone guardrail.
2:The Structure of the Stone Guardrail
The stone guardrail structure is actually relatively simple. From the overall structure, it is mainly divided into columns, stigmas, slabs, drums and blocks, and also has different requirements in engraving design. The sculptural construction of the stone guardrail emphasizes aesthetics and practicability. It is a key consideration in terms of firmness. It is also necessary to consider comprehensive considerations when constructing the sculpture. It is necessary to maintain the stability of the stone guardrail, regardless of the size of the components or the overall components. Matching, etc. must be strictly in accordance with the relevant requirements, to avoid problems with the stone guardrail, affecting subsequent use.
3:Stone Guardrail Engraving Pattern With
In the carving of the stone guardrail, the stone slab is the key design, and many classic carving patterns are used to decorate the design, so that the design of the stone guardrail is more beautiful. The engraving patterns on the stone slabs also have a lot of design collocations, such as various flowers, landscapes, and characters, which make the stone guardrails more beautiful. Generally, the application needs of different construction areas will be considered, and there will be different considerations in the engraving theme. When constructing the design, comprehensive consideration is required, and the artistic beauty of the stone fence is more and more beautiful, and it becomes a classic architectural decoration.
4:The Classification of Stone Guardrail
The classification of stone guardrails is also a matter to be considered when carving stone guardrails. There are actually many classifications of stone guardrails, both in terms of materials and shapes. According to the appearance of the current stone guardrail, there are mainly Luohan guardrails, wand guardrails, fence guardrails, etc., and there are also different considerations in the engraving design. In the actual engraving and construction, we must first fully consider, according to the construction. The engraving design of the regional situation ensures the practical application of the stone guardrail.

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